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20th March 2020

International Day of Happiness - there’s a funny one to think about. Jesus, the difference two weeks can make? I’ll be honest I didn’t pay attention half as much as I should have and this has hit somewhat of a slap. This next sentence I’ve probably typed and deleted 4 times – let me tell you they were different variances of some depressing rhetoric but what is the point. There’s enough depressing shit out there so as much as you possibly can, do the smallest things possible to keep yourself happy and healthy. Should that be as small as making the bed – fuck it, do it. That guitar collecting dust in the corner, pick it up - and if you want to learn how to badly play a few chords slightly resembling Wonderwall, give me a shout.

Match kicks off.

Again, walked into this one without an iota of a plan. Was happy enough doing the first one so I’m going to copy and paste the approach and pass time because passing time is all any of us seem to be at right now. Going forward there will be more purpose to these things because I did want that to happen. What that potentially means for these kind of things is 600 word ramblings on the nonsensical impact of gloves on/gloves off footballers and why it feels like every decent team seems to play Norwich at home each week. As of this moment I've Sam Cooke delicately whispering tales of time gone past in a very cheap pair of Dealz earphones so make whatever judgement of that combination you feel fit.

Ozil penalty claim turned down. Only a matter of time. Still 0-0.

The last time I went at this I done so on an overlay of watching a match I didn’t particularly care for. I didn’t know going into it that that would be the case but it was a bit of craic switching between watching and typing. Essentially painted a picture what I was at whilst I was going at it. I might run with that idea a bit heavier in the future but football seems to be a thing of the past as of right now. Although in normal circumstances that is an absolute disaster to a fella like myself there really is more important things right now. For the period of this particular segment I’m pulling up the archives of a big one before you get fully sick of things like this because by Jesus you will.

Injury means Given off/Randolph on and it goes to HT 0-0. Surely not?

Use these times as an opportunity to do that thing you’ve been putting off for weeks/months/years and just go for it. Paint the gable end. Clean the gaf. Learn the harmonica. Create your showcase page on Instagram - who gives a shite. Come out of this with something positive you can take with you. I’ve only done this 1.5 times for another reference point but turns out this is a decent way to pass the time so why not bang 500 words out on the guaranteed accidental genius of tonight’s episode of Bullseye. Actually no I bagsy that.

66 minutes gone. Shane Long now on the field. 0-0

Finishing this one off here. Be nice to each other and stay safe. Washing your hands is cool people. Follow the guidelines on keeping yourself protected but also be sure to look after your wellbeing. Be especially nice to anyone that has to continue working amongst the general public because they’re the people keeping it all together right now. If unsure on best practice, follow the link - Give the mates a buzz to see how they’re getting on. You never know how people are feeling so keep in contact with your friends and families – it's more important probably now than ever. It's strange times, no one will care if you throw on Austin Powers again so do it, I will.

1-0!!!!! Randolph to Long hahahahaha

Happy International Day of Happiness.


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