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Introduction to Writing

7th March 2020

Blog post number one.

I’ve postponed this to the point I’ve had no other alternative other than to start it. I’ve shaved 1mm of hair off my face – didn’t need to, got up and made a cup of tea – I don’t particularly drink tea, I’ve read through a few articles in a fanzine – not for inspiration but rather to feed my addiction to football opinion – sure look, here we go. Coincidentally its lined up with the exact kick off time of Tottenham vs. Burnley so that shows the lengths you’d go to avoid that shite.

Match kicks off.

Not sure how I feel about writing in a recreational manner. Everything I associate with Microsoft Word is the college death wrestle with the word count. Spending 6 hours the day before a deadline in the library hoping to squeeze out 1500 words about some shite on the influence of technology on farming. Right now I don’t even know what to gain through this. The obvious goal of beginning this blog on this dreary day in my box room in Wexford Town is to someday sit in amongst the Manchester United marketing team and call it ‘work’. Should I fall short of Manchester United – while we’re at it, fuck it why not Preston North End, Hamilton Academical or Fleetwood Town? Working doing something you enjoy isn’t work you’ll have heard before. It's a big goal, but why not?

Jay Rodriguez just hit the post.

Truth is I never knew I liked this stuff even though it was staring me in the face my whole life. Bebo, social media in its absolute infancy, sometime in the mid-to-late 2000’s I created a ‘fan page’ for my local GAA club. I know this kind of thing is standard now but even now I wouldn’t expect too many 13 year olds to be racing home to their desktop to upload a match report for the u14 Féile C match that morning. The day I fluked a point from corner back, what a day that was. Kicking the bollocks out of the local rivals and me smiling throughout thinking of the update that was en route that evening. I avoided the urge to bold and underline the [C. LAWLER – 0-1] segment but sure here I am now, 26 and that piece of information has landed in blog post #1.

Chris Woods just poked it past Hugo Lloris. 1-0 Burnley.

Bebo’s one thing, creating a whole twitter page dedicated to your FIFA Pro Club with your mates is another. I’m not delusional – that is as sad as sad gets - but Jesus we knocked some craic out of it. It was out of this messing where a friend told me I was a moron for never pursuing this sort of thing as a career. I never even considered it! The idea of a job being something you can actually enjoy doing was impossible to me. That's not to say I’ve gotten anywhere yet but it's that realisation that a job can be more than some monotonous shite that will do for me right now.

Jose’s Spurs are hapless. Burnley 1-0 HT.

The plan for this first piece is to familiarise myself with writing and not having to worry about sprinting to the submission office after. I’ve decided not to do it with any particular pressure behind it – to write for myself as much as anything else I plan to gain. The initial idea is to keep this solely to things I’m truly passionate about – which is football and music. Fortnightly job or something, but who’s to say I won’t enjoy myself enough to stretch out a few more.

I’ll call it there. I wanted to keep the first one short and see how I got on - stabilisers still on the bike before heading down Chapel Hill kind of thing. I’m saving this and guaranteed to forget this match in front of me so when I look back I’ll torment myself enough to look back and search the end result.


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